Meet The Indiana Department of Child Services New Director

Indiana Department of Child Services Logo

IFAAP is looking forward and meeting the Indiana Department of Child Services New Director Terry Stigdon. We will work with Director Stigdon to bring about positive changes for the Foster Children of Indiana and the families who care for them.

IFAAP Welcome’s Director Terry Stigdon! For more on this story click on this link.


Senator Jon Ford Authors Foster Parent Bill Of Rights

IFAAP is EXCITED to announce Senator Jon Ford from the 38th District has Authored Senate Bill 233 FOSTER PARENT BILL OF RIGHTS.  IFAAP CEO Kristi Cundiff and members have had several meetings with Senator Ford concerning the struggles that foster parents face in Indiana while trying to provide the best possible care for their foster children. Senator Ford has always taken the time out of his busy schedule to meet with us.

To view more on the Foster Parent Bill of Rights click on this link.


Region 8 IFAAP Clothing Closet Grand Opening

The Region 8 IFAAP Clothing Closet is OFFICIALLY OPEN. We had very special people on hand to help us celebrate this wonderful occasion. Northside Community UMC Rev. Clark Cowden and Terre Haute Mayor Duke Bennett helped us open our doors. IFAAP CEO Kristi Cundiff is very excited to support Foster Families.

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IFAAP CEO Kristi Cundiff and Senator Jon Ford Discuss Trauma-Informed Care

Indiana Foster & Adoptive Parents CEO Kristi Cundiff and Senator Jon Ford

Thank you to Senator Jon Ford for meeting with me today. I am amazed that Senator Ford is always available to listen to our issues and concerns. He is really working hard on research and legislation for Indiana to become a Trauma-Informed Care State. We are blessed!

IFAAP Members Meet with Senators Ron Grooms and Jon Ford

Indiana Foster & Adoptive Parents with Ron Grooms and Jon Ford

Members of IFAAP met with Senator Ron Grooms (seated at left) and Senator Jon Ford (seated at right) at the Indiana State Capitol today. Our group was very grateful for the opportunity to share information and ideas to help support foster children and the families who care for them. We discussed the following IFAAP priorities:

  1. Invest & Protect
    • Child care financial assistance, where we shared results of our IFAAP survey feedback that many foster parents would take, or consider taking, more children if there were funding for child care
    • Car seat safety and certification, to prevent car seat-related tragedies like Major Maxie’s
  2. Trauma-Informed Care (TIC)
    • We discussed the importance of having school and day care personnel TIC-trained so they know how to best work with children who have experienced trauma and are unable to effectively communicate their feelings
    • We highlighted the value of becoming a TIC state to attract providers and facilities who specialize in TIC
  3. Follow the Fed
    • We talked about the importance of DCS adhering to the SAFE Families Act termination guidelines to get children into permanent homes more quickly to give them stability

Thank you to all of our members who took time out of their busy schedules to advocate for children and make a difference.