Press Release – Indiana Foster and Adoptive Parents

Organization to systematically connect parents and coordinate their input to influence sensible and effective foster and adoptive policies, education, and training

Brazil, Indiana, 10/30/17 – Coinciding with National Adoption Month, Kristi Cundiff, founder of the popular Indiana Foster and Adoptive Parents Facebook Group, announces the launch of Indiana Foster and Adoptive Parents Resources and Advocacy Group, Inc., (IFAAP) as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

“As a parent who has opened my heart to many foster children, I have firsthand experience with the joys and challenges of fostering,” explains Kristi. “Without good support and effective policies, it can be difficult to consistently provide stable, loving homes that will make the most of our children’s potential.”

While there are several Indiana organizations that already help foster and adoptive children and families, none represents the unique perspective of foster and adoptive parents.

“Foster parents have limited parental rights, so we’re often overlooked,” notes Kristi. “Yet we have the most intimate view of when and how the system works – or doesn’t – so we’re uniquely positioned to bridge gaps and solve problems to ensure the best outcomes for Indiana’s children.”

IFAAP has already identified its 2018 priorities, based in part on surveys Kristi has conducted with IFAAP Facebook Group members. Those priorities include: 1) Invest & Protect, which focuses on childcare financial assistance and car seat safety and certification, 2) Trauma Informed Care, which focuses on TIC legislation, training, and education for all people who work with children, and 3) Follow the Fed, which focuses on ensuring adherence to federal policy, including the SAFE Families Act, Title IV-E Adoption Subsidy Guidelines, and Vocational Rehabilitation.

“Indiana’s foster children belong to all of us, and they need us,” Kristi emphasizes. “Even if you aren’t able to open your home to children, you can make a big difference by supporting us financially, volunteering your time when needed, and joining us on social media.”

The IFAAP website can be found at You can reach Kristi Cundiff at, and request to join the IFAAP Facebook Group by searching on Indiana Foster and Adoptive Parents.

About Indiana Foster and Adoptive Parents Resources and Advocacy Group, Inc.

The Indiana Foster and Adoptive Parents Resource and Advocacy Group, Inc. (IFAAP), originated as a closed Facebook Group started by Kristi Cundiff, who wanted a place where foster and adoptive parents in the State of Indiana could network and get support. Today, there are more than 5,200 members, and the group continues to grow. With this growth, Kristi saw an opportunity to do even more for Indiana’s foster families by formalizing the group’s work as a nonprofit. As a nonprofit, IFAAP will offer more coordinated advocacy and support to foster and adoptive families.