There are many ways you can open your heart to help provide loving homes and endless potential to foster and adoptive children and families in Indiana.

Watch this space as we build and connect to a variety of options for you to get involved, including shopping, fundraising, giving feedback, and more.

For now, get started with one of these:

You can make a big difference in a little one’s life by becoming a foster or adoptive parent. Learn more about Indiana’s foster and adoption process at Adopt US Kids.

We lead an active Facebook group of more than 5,000 members, and we plan to branch out to other social platforms to reach as many Indiana foster and adoptive families as possible. We invite you to request membership in our Facebook group so you can be part of the conversation and support our mission to offer open hearts, loving homes, and endless potential.

We know that being a foster or adoptive family is both rewarding and challenging. Sharing our stories helps other foster and adoptive families connect with our joy and know they are not alone.

It also helps us inform and educate our neighbors, caregivers, and policymakers about the important and sometimes difficult role of fostering and adopting, and how they can support us. 

You may have already shared part of your story in our Facebook group. We are grateful for your contribution to that conversation! With this form, we aim to formalize our story-gathering to help us in our communication, support, and advocacy. 

With your permission, we may use your story on our website, in marketing and communications, and in presentations and training with educators, caregivers, and policymakers.

Please note: Not all stories will be used. We will select those stories that best represent our shared joys, challenges, and priorities. Thank you for choosing to get involved in this way!

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